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It’s a Winning Formula In SOUTH AFRICA you can purchase a WAV from CAPE MOBILITY for a similar price that you would pay for the same vehicle with no conversion
Hi Geoff, We have had our car for eight months now and I thought I would let you know how we're doing. Firstly, it has changed our lives quite a bit. As you know, I am a 57year old quadriplegic living with my wife and I have no strength in my arms or legs. It was, therefore, a major operation to get me out of my wheelchair into a car or a vehicle. The result was that I was virtually housebound. It was a crisis if I had to go see a doctor. I looked at many different options to try and resolve this problem. None of which seemed to be suitable. After about two years I was getting desperate. Then the opportunity presented itself to get the Renault Kangoo which was already converted to accommodate my wheelchair. Since we've had the car things have changed a lot. We got the car in May last year and I was able to attend three World Cup soccer matches! We can now go out without any problems, effort, stress or aggravations. My wife can take me to the mall, restaurant or movies. Prior to having the car, these things were out of the question. We have also done a few trips which have all been successful. What a blessing! Secondly, I would like to report that the car has exceeded my expectations. As you know, Renault is not one of the main popular brands in South Africa. However, I have been impressed with this little car. It has performed very satisfactory and is very functional. I doubt if I could have done better with another make of vehicle. I am very satisfied with the Renault. Further, the conversion for the wheelchair is wonderful. My wife loads me and unloads me with a minimum effort in no time at all. Thirdly, I must mention that the option of getting this car was probably my far the most cost-effective one. The cost of buying a car, either new or used, and having it converted was definitely a lot more than importing the finished product. Bearing in mind, the car I got was virtually brand new. Finally, I have two children who are going to get married in the next few months. I am so grateful that I will be able to attend these functions, one of which will be in Pretoria. That just about says it all. Thank you very much. Kind regards,Dick. (27/01/2011)
Hi Geoff, "We had been looking for several years for a car that Sasha's wheelchair could fit into and also that Sasha could stay seated in her chair and drive into the vehicle, without having to pick her up and put her onto the back seat. I was so tired of trying to find a kind passerby or a security assistant to help me pick up the heavy battery-operated chair and put it into the boot. I kept a purse full of silver coins for tips. A day out, depending how many times we stopped somewhere, cost me a fortune just in tips. Every car that was recommended was either very big, very expensive, used a lot of petrol and to service it was a daunting prospect. We would have had to do major construction work to our garage just to house the car and have enough space to get Sasha in and out. Then I saw this little sentence in a magazine for the disabled that if one was looking for a vehicle, to phone Geoff. What a surprise when I called. All our prayers were answered. Here was this gorgeous little car, very spacious inside though, goes like a dream and has made our lives so easy. We can go anywhere without having to ask for help. It also fits into our garage with room to spare. Has sliding doors, which again doesn't take up space.It has been superbly fitted out with a ramp and lots of little details, to make our lives easier. Sasha can sit comfortably. Her chair is tied down and is absolutely safe. Thank you Geoff. Kind regards, Zeta
Hello Geoff, Anne and I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity of owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Our little blue Kangoo is everything we hoped it would be. As you know Anne has muscular dystrophy and cannot walk and has very little strength in her arms, and I had been pushing her about in a standard wheelchair, which meant having to fold this and pack it into the car each time we went out, which became very tiring. Anne then got a motorised wheelchair, which it was impossible to load into our little Honda. We looked locally for a wheelchair friendly car, but could only get large multi carrier vehicles, very expensive, fuel guzzlers, and wouldn’t have fitted into our garage. We also looked at converting cars on the local market, but the only suggestions were most inadequate, and didn’t have any safety features. When we were put in touch with you we were so pleased to see the Kangoo, which was exactly what we needed. Once a vehicle was obtained you were able to guide us through all the red-tape which would have been a daunting task. The vehicle when it arrived was even better than we had expected, and fulfils our needs perfectly. We are now able to go out shopping, to the beachfront and visit friends with no more problems of pushing wheelchairs. At present Anne still sits in the front seat, but there is no problem with her going straight into the back of the vehicle on the wheelchair. There is plenty of room inside, for our shopping, and we are even able to take our dog to the beach quite happily. The safety features of the properly converted vehicle are most important, and we have not seen anything similar in this country. The expense and time taken to get the vehicle imported has been well worth the effort, and we recommend this avenue to anyone in a similar position. Regards, Graham and Anne, South Africa
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Keenan’s Story The smile on Keenan's face and the twinkle in his eyes speak volumes about what he thinks about his new Renault Kangoo. He knows that when he is loaded into the Kangoo, it usually means that he is off to visit somewhere fun - his favorite is riding in the glass elevators in all the local shopping centres. The best part about the Kangoo is how quickly and easily he can be loaded and strapped in.Keenan was born with severe cerebral palsy, and he is now 12 years old. When he first started getting too heavy for his Mom, Kay, to lift him in and out of their car, they bought a Renault Kangoo, took the seats out of the back and used a homemade ramp to push Keenan into the car. This worked fairly well, but the ramp was cumbersome and steep and still took a lot of effort to get Keenan into the car. When it came time to replace that Kangoo, his Dad Stuart Grey, heard about the second-hand adapted vehicles available from Motability in the UK, through Cape Mobility. After investigating every option, they decided that this was the most cost effective vehicle that would suit their needs, and they have been very happy with their decision
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I needed to purchase a specially re adapted vehicle for my 92 year old mother who is wheel chair bound. I made contact with Geoff of Station Motors and am pleased to write that I had a most pleasant and positive experience. Geoff sourced the vehicle in the UK, attended to all the importation red tape, vat payment, import duty etc, arranged the licensing , local number plates and, basically, delivered the vehicle exactly as he had promised. He even trained my mother’s driver on the new vehicle. The price quoted originally was, in the end, slightly MORE than I landed up paying. Furthermore, Geoff has assured me that he will assist with all local servicing requirements. All in all, a gentleman to deal with who is totally transparent and honest. I would unhesitatingly recommend the use of the services which Geoff has to offer. Kind regards, Michael Sternberg (a very satisfied customer) 30th May 2017
George’s Story I am a 54 year old quadriplegic with a C4/C5 incomplete lesion. I have been using a wheelchair ever since my accident 33 years ago. Although I have been able to drive my own adapted vehicles fitted with hand controls, total independence was never in my reach as I needed assistance getting in and out of my vehicle. Not to mention getting my manual wheelchair in and out of the vehicle remained a headache……. During September 2014 my back was in constant pain caused by 30 years’ twisting and turning into abnormal positions while transferring in and out of vehicles. Subsequently I had a HUGE problem! Unable to travel between my home and office meant I could lose my job! I needed to get a vehicle with the necessary adaptation to enable me to drive it without having to do transfers to and from my wheelchair, and this had to happen pretty fast! I found a website where Drive From Wheelchair (DFW) vehicles were advertised and sent my contact details to obtain more information. That same evening Geoff Dear from Cape Mobility contacted me from the UK to discuss the various options available. Fortunately a used Peugeot Bipper Tepee Switch was available and we started the lengthy process to import the vehicle from the UK to South Africa. Johan Cillié from EasyDrive Western Cape assisted during the mentioned process and delivered my vehicle to my home in Mossel Bay in April 2015. Meanwhile I swopped my manual wheelchair for an electric version and for the first time in 30 years I were able to travel to the shopping mall unaided! It felt GREAT! My sincere thanks to Geoff and Johan for all their assistance and superb service before, during and after the whole process! Yours truly George Visser
Hi GeoffI t has been a great pleasure to have had the services of Geoff Dear at Cape Mobility in their supplying of a wheelchair accessible vehicle to us. The level of competence, professionalism and service has been of the highest quality and I would have no hesitation in providing this testimonial to him and his company. Please be assured that you may trust him to obtain the best possible vehicle according to your circumstances at the best possible cost. Yours Faithfully Dave and Denise Bailey.
Hi Geoff I was struggling to make sense of the world of disability transport in South Africa, as we are not geared for special needs, but when i got in touch with Geoff, that changes the world for me, and also my dad who was in need of a transport solution. Not only was Geoff professional, he also maintained ongoing communications, provider options that suited our needs, and assisted from day one making this ‘grey’ area for importing vehicles as clear as daylight. From identifying, shipping, registering and delivery, Geoff has proven that he and the team that supports him is invaluable to those that need this service. The vehicle he got for us was at a great price and in perfect condition, and is currently in daily use. We cannot imagine my dad’s daily existence without it. Thanks for making this journey so simple and transparent. “ Regards, Peet
Hi Geoff, I am pleased to state that I have had successful dealings with Geoff Dear; in spite of the fact that we never actually met and that I am disabled and reside in Johannesburg, I paid over monies to Geoff while he was in the UK and in Cape town in order for him to import a VW Caravelle on my behalf. Geoff never provided any guarantees or security for the payments and the deal was done purely on trust and I am happy to say that he honoured the agreements 100% and provided all the necessary legal paperwork etc. in order for me to receive a good value for money vehicle which has served me well since I received it in September 2018. I would not hesitate to recommend Geoff at Cape Mobility to anyone as a service provider for vehicles for the disabled. Many thanks Dave Rossiter
Dear Geoff It is now a year since we bought our Fiat Qubo Switch, a wheelchair access vehicle, that you organised for us. Thank you for changing our lives!!! My husband has MS and is completely wheelchair bound. We were fast becoming house bound as I was unable to transfer him from the wheelchair into a car. Now I can manage to push the wheelchair into the van and park him in the passenger seat and away we go. It even has a smallish back seat that comes down and we can have an extra passenger [eg. A carer] We live in Cape Town so if anyone would like to see what it looks like and how it works, please free to let them get in touch with me. Once again, thank you for your professional approach and your patience with all my questions. Kind regards Jeanet Barker
The vehicles that Geoff sources and buys on your behalf are unique, and in my view, essential for any wheelchair bound person. My vehicle was in almost immaculate condition. The miner blemishes to the exterior of the vehicle (such as they were) were all attended to by Geoff in his normal cheerful and efficient manner. I live in Africa, far from the madding crowd. I did my entire transaction from start to finish ie.receiving this wonderful vehicle, all on the internet. Geoff was available at all times, very knowledgeable and provided much needed advice and information from his vast experience in the field. My particular experience with this most crucial of decisions was made so much easier by Geoff’s always helpful input. I would unreservedly and enthusiastically recommend him and his company to any person who is contemplating the purchase of such a vehicle. Richard Brusser Cape Town, South Africa
I met Geoff from Cape Mobility quite by chance in 2016 and dealing with him since has been an absolute pleasure. He came to my house and had a long chat to see exactly what my needs were in finding the perfect WAV for me. I’m over 6ft tall and so the vehicles suited to me would have to be thoroughly checked otherwise I wouldn’t fit... and that’s just what he did. While he was in England searching for vehicles, he’d regularly message me to keep me up to date with vehicles he’d seen and send me the internal measurements he’d taken along with other relevant information. He also attended vehicle auctions on my behalf. After a short time he found the right WAV for me, arranged all the paperwork, and arranged all the importing. All I did was sign a few documents and received the perfect WAV. He’s always my only recommendation when people ask me for WAV advice. Having a WAV has been an absolute blessing because I’m able to get out much more in a vehicle whilst seated comfortably in my wheelchair instead of the uncomfortable wheelchair to car-seat transfer which is never fun for everyone involved.” - Uel Maree, Cape Town, Vauxhall Vivaro”
Dear Geoff My name is Brenton Swartz and I’ve been a quadriplegic for 24 years. I was 15 years old when I had my accident and have never driven a car before. I have seen how technology has improved the lives of disabled people for the better, and was absolutely amazed at the technology that is available in other countries. The first time I saw an adapted vehicle was in 2009 when Johan Cillier showed us a Volkswagen Caddy that had been specially adapted for someone with a disability as severe as mine. That’s when I realized that there was a solution for me to be able to drive and that I could save up and hopefully one day would be able to drive my own vehicle. The price tag for these vehicles was pretty high, and after saving up for about 8 years, I wondered how I would ever be able to afford such a vehicle. That’s when I met Geoff Dear, who was able to import such vehicles at a very low cost. Obviously this meant that these vehicles would be second hand, but still in brilliant condition. After talking to Geoff about my dream of driving my own vehicle and discussing my budget, he embarked on a mission to get the best suited vehicle for me that would need minimal alterations. I was told that it could be a lengthy process, because vehicles as specialised as what I required don't come along too often. I was very pleasantly surprised about a month after commencing the search for a vehicle for me, Geoff came across something that could work for me. After consulting with Johan Cillier, the person that would do the minor adaptions, we decided to go ahead with the purchase. After getting the vehicle here and doing all the necessary paperwork and the minor adaptions, I am finally able to drive my own vehicle. It was an absolute pleasure to endeavor with Geoff on this project and am absolutely amazed at how my life has changed since I’m able to drive around by myself and be completely independent. I have to give a big thank you to Geoff for taking on this challenge with me, and assisting me to improve my standard of living and enabling me to continue to be a positive example for other people with disabilities out there. I just want to say thank you again for your assistance in acquiring my vehicle. It has made a tremendous difference in my life and opened so many possibilities for me. I’ve managed to pass my Drivers Test a little over a month ago, and being able to come and go as I please, has enriched my life in a huge way. I can now also assist others and be an inspiration to many, showing them what is possible for guys like me who live with quadriplegia and who work hard towards bettering their independence. There have been many who are absolutely intrigued by what they see and now they themselves are dreaming bigger dreams. So, A HUGE THANK YOU once again for helping me to realize one of my dreams. Kind Regards Brenton Swartz
Dear Geoff, Good to hear from you. It give me great pleasure to talk about the dealings I had wirh Cape Mobility. To start off you could immediately identy my needs and identify the right option vehicle for my needs. From this point on every thing went absolutely smooth. It was at no point ever necessary to wonder as how things are progressing as emails were coming in regularly with updates. At the end I am a very happy customer with a vehicle providing much more than I expected Thanks Cape Mobility for excellent professional service Regards Hans Steyn